Aghil pass on map

The Karakoram fault is an oblique-slip fault system in the Himalayan region across India and Asia. The slip along the fault accommodates radial expansion of the Himalayan arc, [2] northward indentation of the Pamir Mountains[3] and eastward lateral extrusion of the Tibetan plateau. The creation of the Karakoram fault started with the closing of the ancient Tethys ocean seaway which once separated the two modern continents of Asia and India.

The Karakoram fault itself does not trace a plate boundary, except for where it possibly ends in the Indus-Yarlung Suture Zone. The Karakoram fault was a right lateral slip fault starting at approximately 20 million years ago.

At approximately 14 million years ago the fault changed to a predominately normal fault. This is based on argon dating. The southwest extension is marked by the Karakoram fault crossing the active South Kailas Thrust in the vicinity of present-day Mount Kailas. Some researchers suggest that this might be incorrect due to associating granite that was never part of the same batholith.

Slip in this model has been transferred into the Indus-Yalu suture zone, as well as large scale boudinage. A major obstacle in measuring the total offset along the fault is in deciding what is actually a part of the fault and which faults are separate.

Currently some researchers believe that the Karakoram fault merges and terminates into the Indus-Yalu suture zone at Mount Kailas. The north-western segment of the Karakoram Fault is far less disputed than other areas. It terminates in the extensions of the Miuji Basin, in the Pamir Mountains, along the border between Tajikistan and Xinjiang provinces. In this north-western segment, the Karakoram Fault currently has predominantly normal fault motion, and right-lateral strike-slip offset.

The Aghil formation is a fossiliferous carbonate formation. Before entering the Pamir region the Karakoram fault is believed to split into two distinct faults. These faults are the main Karakoram fault itself, and the Achiehkopai fault.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Aghil Pass. Yin; P. Kipp; T. Harrison; D. Lin; J. Guo Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved Copeland Schoenbohm; J.

Chen; R. Thiede; D. Stockli; M. Sudo; M. Strecker Earth and Planetary Science Letters. February Kapp; T. Harrison; C.

aghil pass on map

Manning Geological Society of America Bulletin.Historically, the high altitude of the pass and the lack of fodder were responsible for the deaths of countless pack animals while the route was notorious for the trail of bones strewn along the way. There is no vegetation or icecap and it is generally free of snow due to the winds. Temperatures are low, there are often very high winds, blizzards are frequent, and the extreme altitude often took its toll.

In spite of all this, the Karakoram Pass was considered a relatively easy pass due to the gradual ascent on both sides, and lack of summer snow and ice much of the year. Consequently, the pass was open throughout most of the year. The Karakoram pass falls on the boundary between Indian territory of Ladakh and China's Xinjiang autonomous region. It also plays a major geographic role in the dispute between Pakistan and India over control of the Siachen Glacier area immediately to the southwest of the pass.

A potential China-India-Pakistan tripoint at Karakoram Pass is referenced in a boundary treaty between China and Pakistan concerning the Trans-Karakoram Tractbut India was not party to that treaty nor any tripoint agreement.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Karakoram Pass is located in northern Ladakh.

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Oxford University Press. New Delhi. India: The Hindu. Retrieved 7 July First published: Unabridged facsimile : Elibron Classics Replica Edition, p. Visits to High Tartary, Yarkand and Kashgar. Ladakh: Crossroads of High Asiap. International Boundaries: A Geopolitical Atlas. Retrieved 4 August Retrieved 4 August — via www. Union territory of Ladakh. Capital: Kargil ; Leh. Four types of Himalayan ranges Geology of the Himalaya.

Music of Ladakh. Ladakhi Purgi Balti Zangskari Changthang. Indian Astronomical Observatory. Chutak Dumkhar Salal. Xinjiang topics.Climate of Pangea, earth millions of years ago hot, moon, temperatures - Weather -Temperature, sun, sunlight, rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, climate, forecasts, humidity, heat, snow Topographic Map of India. After a few days my Angel asked me to go to the seminary on the church premises to look for an American priest who lived there.

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It was dusk…. The Great Indian Desert. Highest peak among all Mountain ranges of India is Mount K2. Highest peak in whole world is Mount Everest. Highest peak of western ghats is Anamudi. Many illegal stone quarries also operate in the Ghats. India hill stations and location. Top 10 Coal Producing Nations - The extraction of coal is largely done to meet the energy requirements around the world.

It is also used as a fuel for the extraction of iron from its ore and in the cement industries. World Map depicting the top 10 nations with the highest coal production. Rivers in India is always an important topic for all competitive examinations. The rivers in India are divided into two major groups: The Himalayan rivers. Besides the longitudinal divisions, the Himalayas have been divided on the basis of regions from west to east: These divisions have been demarcated by river valleys: The Regional Divisions of Himal….

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Karakoram Pass

We'd love to go one day! Major Dams of India, reservoirs, list of largest, biggest hydroelectric power plants, hydel plants, highest dam - Tehri, longest dam - Hirakud, max capacity. Geography Map. Geography Activities Geography Map. Economic Geography Geography Map. Geography Classroom Geography Map.Tricks to Remember Mountain Passes in India! Mountain passes is a very important topic in Indian Geography.

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aghil pass on map

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aghil pass on map

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Get inspired by our itineraries. Your order. Total order amount. Remove Pass es. Your cart is empty. European Railway Map Your Eurail travel map.It is still true. Strangely, he assigns no name to the pass; his description is exact nevertheless: The height was beginning to tell, and the pass seemed to recede the nearer I approached it. One rise after another I surmounted, thinking it would prove the summit, but there was always another beyond.

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The valley was wide and open, and the going perfectly easy, leading sometimes over rounded boulders, but more often loose soil.

With Wahab and Seet slowly bringing up the camels, I hurried on across the stony ground of Chonkor Utik to the chevron of converging ridges just below the great slanting wall of snow to the left. The pass itself was three false crests and two and a quarter hours from our camp. The Surukwat, never a mighty river in its short life to its junction with the Yarkand near Ilica, was but a piddling spill here.

It got ever sparser as I neared the pass. Since Raskam, there had been no verdure to speak of.

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Nary a tree, only Salix bushes had we seen on the way. Seeing the large herds of sheep maintained by the families beginning the backward transhumance from Yalang Jilgha, I had wondered what the animals fed on.

Here in the extreme upper reach of the Surukwat, the bare rocks looked ever the starker and I found myself drawing comparisons between this arid place with our Skinmang camp on the Chiring Glacier, both corresponding in height. That place was a meadow with flowers in bloom and birdsong; here all was bare rock with some tufts of grass now beginning to brown on either side of the trail.

Everything else was vertical bare rock, sometimes with a mantle of snow, mostly bare and jagged. Our camp at Kirchin Bulak — Salix Spring. Though we did have some Salix bushes on our side, the actual grove and the spring, Wahab said, were located on the far bank.

In the evening we had a pied wagtail trespassing into our kitchen tent, presumably to get in out of the cold, gusting wind.

Here too did we hear the repeated hoot of an owl At length I spotted the pale green blotch of the lake, that marks the crest of Aghil Pass, a couple of hundred metres to the west of the trail. About a hundred metres long and half as wide, it is fed by one miserable little piddle of a spring.

Surely, there would be others on the far side and perhaps a submerged source as well, besides melt water from the craggy snow-draped ridge above it to the west. The placid surface of the lake was broken by a number of widening wakes made by a bunch of ducks. In early September with the frost having set in at this height of metres, these were stragglers from the flocks that fly south across the Karakoram-Himalayan system to the warm lakes of the subcontinent.

I paused at the top of the pass to add my stone to the cairn by the side of the trail. At that time the Pakistani border with China, as inherited at the partition of India, went over the Aghil and, had we come, we could have chatted with Kirghiz shepherds on the Xinjiang side.

China beat back the Indians. Pakistan seeing its foe discomfited, hurried to offer China part of her territory in order for them to secure Ak Sai Chin and the road from Karghalik to Tibet that passed through the wasteland. In its length of some four hundred kilometres, this belt of land is sometimes as wide as seventy kilometres. India strongly resents this act to this day. For Indian rancour, Pakistan purchased Chinese friendship, a friendship that has proved very reliable in the past fifty years.

But I wonder how the Chinese would react were Pakistan to one day demand for the border to be returned to the pre accord. Being the kind of folks we Pakistanis are, the ceding of this land is not commonly known in the country.Xinjiang and on the horizon the Tien Shan Mountains of Kirgistsan. For information regarding the Aghil Pass see here. The road from Mazar to Ilik though north Karakoram Mountains. The camel caravan in the river bed of North Karakoram mountains.

The view of the Shagskam River Valley that we followed to get to K2. View of the Chinese Base Camp - the last non glacier camp before K2 glacier. Looking west down the Shagskam River valley - the area is closed to trekking by the Chinese army. Skyang Kangri m at the end of the side glacier flowing to the main K2 North Glacier. Travel Blog. Australia Oceania. North America.

aghil pass on map

South America. All Trips. September 1, K2 Glacier north - Royal Geographical Expedition Tien Shan Mountains of China. Tian Shan Mountains of China. The Xinjang - Tibet Highway. Kunlun Mountains and the "Kashgar - Tibet" Highway. The Xinjiang - Tibet Highway.

Start of our trek - the north Karakoram mountains. The awesome deep gorges of Northern Karakoram.